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Front View of Lips with Visible Teeth

4 Ways of How to Draw Realistic Lips

How to Draw Lips in 4 Different Ways: Step-by-Step   Overview:   This is a complete guide on How to Draw Lips (the Mouth) In this guide you’ll learn: The Front View of the Lips The Side View of the Lips The ¾ View of the Lips And the Front …


How Long is a Pencil? We’ll Tell you!

The Length and Weight of a Pencil: What is it? First and foremost, it’s important to mention exactly what type of pencil we’ll be referring to. In this article we will talk about the famous wooden #2 pencils. We will also talk about other interesting information about this pencil you’ll …


How to Hold a Pencil: The 4 Different Ways

Holding a Pencil – How Do You Do It   Everyone does it, why not learn how to do it properly? How should you really hold your pencil? It might be surprising to know that there isn’t just 1 way to hold a pencil. The style of which you hold …

Dionne Quintuplets by Andrew Loomis

Portrait Drawing 101: A Short Guide

Overview This is a complete guide on how to draw portraits via the Loomis Method whether you’re a beginner or a professional just trying to brush up on your basics. In this guide you’ll learn:What the Loomis Method IsHow to Draw the Loomis HeadFacial Markers – How to Mark the …

Finishing Details of Eye Step 6 - TurtleCraft

How to Draw a Face – Face Proportions: A Full Guide

How to Draw Faces and Face Proportions – Beginner Friendly Overview: This is a complete guide on How to Draw a Face In this guide you’ll learn: How to Draw a Face Face Proportions How to Draw Eyes How to Draw a Nose How to Draw Lips How to Draw …


Rollerball vs Ballpoint – How To Choose: A Short Guide

Let’s get into it It’s the same thing, right? WRONG. And here’s why.  Both a rollerball pen and a ballpoint pen have their own pros and cons. I’ll be going over the differences between the two types of pens. Why should you listen to me anyway right? Unfortunately, I am obsessed with …